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There is nothing more Australian than Volunteering.

Community Resilience is in the hands of our Volunteers!

About Us

Give a Little. Change a Lot.

We are a Not for Profit - that means we work for public benefit, not our own. Our Management Committee consists of a team of experienced professionals that make sure we work towards fulfilling our Charitable Objects and purpose. We are also a registered charity, that we believe in helping anyone that asks for our help.

Direct Contributions
to Community

We dontated
to community in recycled computers and recycled parts.

Volunteers Assisted in
their journey

We have assisted over
volunteers with their volunteering journey.

Other Organisations

Since 2015, We have assisted with
events for other community organisations.

Our Events Team
Econonic Contribution

Since 2015, our events team have contributed over
10,995 hours, worth $206,721
of economic contribution!

Our Vision

We envisage a Wide Bay Community that is empowered by strong, mutually beneficial connectedness.

Our Mission

As strategic and best practice Volunteer Innovators, we are developing strong partnerships and empowerment pathways...... leading the way through community change.

Our Values

Respecting each other, Equality and Equity, Empowerment, Having Fun, Accountability & Responsibility, Inclusive working environment, Integrity, honesty, ethics and Connectedness

Our Charitable Purposes

We are a registered charity with ACNC, an Association under the Associations Act, and a public benevolent institution. That means that we are a charity whose main purpose is to relieve poverty or distress (such as unemployment, sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness) of the people in need in our Wide Bay region. Our Charitable Objects drive the direction our assistance takes. So you can see from those listed below, one of the ways that we work to relief distress of poverty of people in need, is to help them get into jobs through skills building, job experience through volunteer placements, volunteering to gain job skills, volunteering to gain employment and then encourage employers to take those volunteers on in the workplace. We also look at changing our community to prevent the conditions that put people in need. For example, we look to implementing the UN Sustainable Development goals at a local level, encouraging every organisation to do the same, and to ensure that that their employment processes follow the EEO, antidiscrimination and UN Sustainable Goal number 5 (Gender Equality) in particular. Our purpose is simple.... we focus on people in need in the Wide Bay.

To promote awareness of and value in the volunteering experience by encouraging the community to participate.
To enable volunteers to develop necessary skills that may lead to employment, and to encourage employers to hire those with volunteering experience.
To develop and maintain a system to provide volunteers with relevent skills to organisations whereby contributing to the relief of poverty, sickness and other misfortune.
To promote the well being of individuals, groups and communities who are disadvantaged and vulnerable either socially, physcially, intellectually or emotionally by inclusion in volunteering.
To promote support and assist any social welfare program designed to contribute to the alleviation of poverty, sickness or other misfortune, including those undertaken by Statutory Authorities, Voluntary Welfare Organisations and other community groups.

Donations to other Organisations

We dont just help our member organisations. We help other organisations that need help with events, donations, volunteers or teams of volunteers to help them address a specific issue.

We Donate our time, resources, training and assistance thousands of times a year.

If we can make a difference in someones life, we work timelessly to make that happen.

People before profit.

Contact Us

Bundaberg Office

(07) 4151 6644

email : reception@widebayvolunteers.org.au

Hours of Operation : 9 - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Maryborough Office

Give a Little. Change a Lot! People before Profit

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