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Community Resilience is in the hands of our Volunteers!

Wide Bay Volunteer Resource Association Inc

There is nothing more Australian than Volunteering.

Wide Bay Volunteers are still actively recruiting volunteers for our Members and VIO's, but we now conduct electronic or phone interviews. We are NOT closed and we are still focusing on helping our community in any way we can.
All our services and programs continue.

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Stay Safe. Keep Volunteers Safe. Avoid fake news and panic. Look after your neighbours.

In 2016,

  • Australias population was 24,190,907 people. We had a 19% Volunteer Rate - Thats 4,596,272 Volunteers.
  • Queensland had 4,845,152 People and an 18.8% Volunteer Rate. Thats 920,578 Volunteers.
  • The Wide Bay had 292,109 people in 2016, with a 19% Volunteer Rate. Thats 56,377 Volunteers.
  • The Bundaberg Regional Council area had Formal a Volunteering Rate of 18.5 %. Thats 16,478 Volunteers in our Council Area.
  • ABS Statistics

        We surveyed 2373 volunteers, in the Bundaberg Regional Council Area, up to National Volunteers Week 2020. 30% of them, said their motivation for volunteering was to make our community better!

    Updated : 24 June 2020